Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 - Year of the Water Snake

Happy New Year!!

So it’s the first day of 2013 .. new beginnings .. more love .. more time .. more family .. more happiness and more money! Oh and more blogging of coz. Not going to set any rules, just going to enjoy it.

Because I have many Chinese friends who always talk about the year of the water snake .. i decided to goggle it and read about what 2013 has to offer .. Apparently Snake is a great sign, a positive one, with energy that can help us face all of the challenges ahead of us. that's just an overall analysis. 

But for those born in the year of the monkey, apparently , the snake year will be so so .. Romance - so so, avoid arguments, Health - go on a diet, be healthy, take care!, and finally Wealth - Don't monkey around with your money this year! that's exactly what the website said .. no elaborated needed on that ..so its basically all shite! hahaha .. OK so astrology amused me for about 5 minutes ..  

like i said .. new beginnings for new and greater things .. i can feel it!
Let  the ride begin …

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