Sunday, July 8, 2012

Im back .. 2 years later ..

I don’t even know where to start! Serious! The cursor has been blinking at the same spot for the past 7 minutes. The last time I wrote in this blog was 10/10/10 and today is 8/7/2012! 2 years flew by without me updating this blog, not because I didn’t want to, I think about it almost every day! Almost every day I tell myself, I need to find time for this. But as I am very famous for giving excuses (what mum used to say when I was a teenager), my excuse is no time. Bullshit! You telling me that couldn’t find 5 mins in the past 2 years?! Yep, bullshit. Truth is, I was up to it. I wanted to write a lot, at the same time didn’t want anyone to see it. Weird weird excuses!! Truth is my heads been everywhere and its finally time to do something, because I already think it’s too late!

Anyway, today is the day I change! Today is the day I start doing things I want more. Stop worrying and start living as people say. Maybe I shall try it today. I might even like it!


*reminds me of happy days


  1. its never too late. sometimes, life brings us to matters which need so much more attention that this space here is neglected for a bit.
    but its always here to come back too.
    welcome back :) having said that, i've been dormant for a month now !

  2. (; yeah its good to be back! Gonna try and write as much as possible!

  3. very well writing..keep on rocking!!!did u read the dark shades thrilogy??