Monday, September 21, 2009

Suits you?

So we have been looking for a nice ivory suit for DD for the church ceremony. At first we decided to buy it but then – will he ever wear a white suit again? NO! So he decided to rent it. Last Saturday, we went to 3 different places looking for suits hoping to find something – St.Albans, Watford and also BlueWater Mall. Although we had appointments set up to try suits but everywhere we went they didn’t have DD’s size!! UUGGHHHH !!! Everything was too short! ISH! Irritating.. yes.. You would assume at least 1 shop would have trousers for a 6 footer. But NO. Anyways, we still managed to see something we really like in a shop in St.Albans. Hopefully next Saturday, he can try the full suit and book it. Another thing can be crosses from the list! Its all about the list people!! Haha ..

Coming back to BlueWater Mall – I was really super excited that we were going there but to much disappointment, it SUCKED! It really wasn’t all that. It was 2 floors – with your normal high street shops. That’s it! I mean, it did look nice from outside with all the water fountains and all but for all the hype it got from everyone - it totally didn’t impress me at all ) : I would say MidValley is a million times BETTER!!! I have nothing else to say about it cept that that only thing I liked about that mall was the hotdog I had.


OhOh .. My sister called to say that the wedding dress just arrived. I need to go get my fitting done. YEY!! Cant wait! One by one, everything is falling into its place <3

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