Tuesday, September 15, 2009

RIP Patrick Swayze

I can’t believe Patrick Swayze passed away last night. He was only 57 years old but pancreatic cancer took him away. The world has lost another good actor. It feels abit weird for me because only 2 days ago me and DD was watching Ghost again on tele , and no matter how many times I have watched it before ; it was still funny! But I personally think that the thing that made him big was Dirty Dancing! I mean; how can anyone forget that movie? It was the “it” movie at that time – and some might even say now. Until now people try and do the flying jump. Hhmmm .. haha ..Maybe I shud try it on our wedding day ?!! ...eeerrrr NOT!

It just got me thinking about life and death again. Our purpose as humans in this world.

I guess no one ; no matter how rich , how gorgeous , how bad , how good ; NO ONE ESCAPES FROM DEATH! So we have got to make every memory the best memory till then. Every memory, everything we do have to be treated like it’s the last.

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