Friday, September 4, 2009

*fingers crossed* Pweeesssseeee !

Application went in today; I pray that everything goes well and we get all out documents back AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!! This one thing has been giving me alot of headache for a few years now. I just hope and pray it all goes as smooth as a baby’s bottom ( :
We have already done everything that needs to be done from our end, now it’s all left to YOU.


I realised that recently I have been talking in my own cryptic language with the “oh what am I going to do?”, “I need to move”, “there is more to life “and all the poems too but this is exactly how I feel (and I know I don’t give out the details). HHhhhhhhmmmm .. A little bit confused, unsure about a few things BUT I am happy. Very very very happy – and it’s all just getting better and better.


On another note ; I am dreaming of Penang Assam Laksa ): Bastid!!!** No No .. I didn't make this ; picture from

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