Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Busy bee ..

Although I have not blogged for the past 4 day, so many things have happened. Saturday went well at my sisters; DD dad, mum and Yaz (who was only there as the driver – hehe) came over to talk about last minute wedding prep. We explained to him more about the Hindu culture and also about the ceremony; He then explained to us about how it’s done originally in Nigeria and their customs. Did you know that in Nigeria, the groom’s side pays for everything including the dowry!! hahaha .. DD’s dad did mentioned that I saved him ALOT of money.. ((=DD and I are more independent that way; we saved for everything and we are fine with it. It was good fun as we sat there on the table; talking, eating and laughing ( : Malaysian style ..

I also managed to sneak a long email to my bestie. Haha .. That email contained all sorts of things from love to friendship to hate to trust. I miss my bestie!!

What else: oh oh we managed to buy a box huge enough to fit all the cards, the scrolls and all the extra stuff to be sent back home. One less headache to think about.

I also managed to finalise my dress and gonna buy it today .. *GRIN*

Work : hhmm ..nuthin to update cept that Jason from Australia left the company ) :

Its already September !! HURRY UP NOVEMBER 27th !! We cant wait any longer !!

Alot of exciting stuff is happening around me. But time is a big factor now ; hence the 4 days once post.

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