Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Today I will be sleeping all by myself in Birmingham ) : Had to come over here for a LMS show at the Birmingham Hippodrome.

Ok la .. Some people might call it drama, other people might say “over” but for those who are in the same situation will understand how I feel. Now mind you, I’m not saying I feel like dyin without my other half – I’m just saying I will be alone today & tomorrow. No one to annoy .. eerr talk to I mean .. hehe ..Boring Boring Boring .. So I took some time to walk around the city to do some exploring ( since I was alone and bored )

The Radisson Hotel I’m staying at is not all that. It looked much nicer online .. much much nicer!! I mean, for what I paid – it’s not all that. The air conditioning keeps blowing cold air despite me meddling it. Even the hotel guy’s couldn’t fix it! seesh! Next, there is no power plug near the bed. So I can’t lie on the bed and use my lappy. ANNOYING! Then, the TV – lousy only with a few channels. Next– the whole floor smells of cigi!! Lastly – I arrived at about 2.15 but was told my room won’t be ready till 3pm!!Uugghhh! Hhmm ,note to self : never book this hotel again!

Anyways, some pics ( :

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