Friday, August 28, 2009

somewhere beachy perhaps?

I need to move! Well..It’s not NEED TO but more like really really want to. All of a sudden I have this craving, just like the one I had in Singapore before I moved to the UK. I was itching for a change of scenery. I love exploring new places and adjusting myself to new surroundings. It thrills me. But now, I feel like life is a routine. SSDD !!

Where would I move to? HHmmmm .. good question ..

A nice warm island – some Greek islands maybe? Somewhere with a great view, a nice and simple job (hopefully home based), locally produced food with cute markets to get groceries from, a nice warm beach. A clubhouse with sports facilities and a nice laid back lifestyle. Ahhh .. woudnt that be nice??

Or maybe I should move to the heart of a city. Smack in the middle of a buzzing city where anything and everything is possible. Although everything is near and you get the feeling Sex in the City, you would still have to put up with things like higher cost of living, pollution and i doubt you can have a stress free life. Naa ... I think I am done with living in the city. I like a cosier lifestyle now. I really think there is more to life than work.

Once we have kids, it will be too difficult to move or even pack up and leave for a holiday. We have got to do everything we want before time catches up. So many different paths to follow in life, we best decide properly before moving.

I am a true Piscean ; a love to dream .. about anything and everything ..

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