Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lovely Plymouth ( :

As days are getting closer, more work seems to appear out of nowhere. Spent this weekend sorting out wedding stuff. It’s quite tiring now as we spend 5 days working like dogs and the weekend fully devoted to the wedding. We need a break.. Even just for 2 days.. Just to chill and do nothing!

Anyways, I was in Plymouth last week for work and the weather (thankfully) was really nice. Went over to the Barbican for dinner that night. The hotel staff mentioned about this restaurant called Plymouth Gin – Yes this is where they make the Gin. They said that this place is really renowned for their fresh seafood and it’s really hard to get a place there without prior reservation. To our luck, we walked in, and got a table. But the only catch was that we would have to leave in 2 hours. We were not planning on staying there longer either. Haha.

Well ..check out some pics of what I had ..I didn’t have desert though ..need to maintain my weight to fit into my wedding dress!! * aarrr at work now, pics are at home, I need to post this here as the internet at home is not working !!!*

Every time I travel now, I start to miss home. Home as in DD. Even if I am gone for a day. Some of the people I know think it’s a bit over to miss someone in 1 day but I think you can even miss someone the minute you are not with them. But despite the missing feeling, it gives me a break from my routine life. I get to walk along piers and have dinner in nice places, I get to meet local people who tell me interesting stories and I give abit of space for the relationship. Space is good. Absence makes the heart grow fonder ( :

3 more days and I will officially be Mrs. Dawuda!!

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