Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Its already August !

It’s really upsetting me that I can’t find time to blog nowadays. I am indeed really busy with work and love..hehe ..Yes.. Work..Well that’s the boring stuff we don’t need to talk about ..But love..aahhhh .. Everything is falling into place. Last Saturday, me, sham-akka, Kathy & Roxy went to St.Albans to look for bridal wear.. And I think I found my dress.. But then again, do I really want to spend over £2K on a dress I will only wear for like 2 hours? That’s abit silly, no? I think it is anyways. That 2K does not include alteration, veil, shoes, accessories, hair n make up and etc etc!! Is it really needed when I can save all that for the new house?! Hhmmm ..

Kathy and Roxy managed to try a few bridesmaids’ dresses too. After that, we went to check out rings. There are some really nice rings out there. GORGEOUS!

The grand finale of our day was the shopping. Haha .. We practically went into every shop and tried on so many dresses. I did manage to buy like about 5 dresses – for casual use. I’m still looking for a long dress for the 15th! Another 11 days more.. *smiles ear to ear* can’t wait.. Even DD told me last night that he can’t bloody wait. Hehe ..

Once we finished up with all the shopping (the shops were actually closing!), we, the girls, managed to con DD and Nahen-anne to come to St.Albans to have something to eat with us. We went over to Nando’s, yet again. I love family time.

**cant believe its already August!! 2009 is almost done ..

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