Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cookie Monster ..

Famous Amos has got to be one of the best cookies in the whole wide world!! Haha .. No really .. Its awesomely awesome. I was talkin to my cousin from Singapore today and he reminded me about the cookies. There was a picture of the packet on his msn display which immediately brought back memories.

When I was in college, I used to chill out alot in KL especially Lot10 area. We would go there, shop a bit, have lunch/dinner and I would always buy 500g of freshly baked choco-chip and nuts cookies. LOVE IT! I used to stand in front of the counter, take my own sweet time and choose what I want. After you get some, you try and savour it for as long as you can coz its bloody expensive.. At least it was for me while in college.

Oohh ..Thinking about it is giving me a mind orgasm.. hahaha ..Especially when you take the first bite - the dough is soft and yummy, the chocolate chips are half melted and the nuts are crunchy. How can u not fall in love?!

Even wiki has a document on this -

Most of the time it’s not about the food and NO I’m not greedy! It’s always about the memories that come with it. I don’t really like cookies that much – just freshly baked ones.

Ok ... some people might think, how can someone talk so much about cookies.. well, that's me!

Here’s a picture I took in Plymouth! Now I would definitely swap my cookie for a cutie like below ( :

** I am definately a dog person ((=

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