Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rhythm of the world – Hitchin 4th July 09

Me and DD try and go for this festival every year coz not only you get to meet random old friends there but there are a lot of good music, entertainment and food.

This time we went with Bala, his friend Naveena and us. Not to mention all the other we met up there and chilled with. We couldn’t have asked for a better weather! It used to be free in the streets of Hitchin but this time we had to pay £7 per entry, and everytime you wanted to come out, you had to repay again?! Wat the hell for??!! Anyways, it was not too bad.

Rhythm of the world is a registered charity set up to support the arts across North Hertfordshire, to celebrate our world culture and to give a focus for people of all ages, race, ability and economic diversity to come together. There were stages set up all around with such different music. Its nice coz you get you pick what you like and sit around there. So many people were dressed up in fancy outfits and others were just trying to get as much alcohol as they can into their mouth. Lol .

One thing which I didn’t like was the amount of teens just hanging about there; making a fool out of themselves. I saw this one girl trying to persuade this lady to give her 1 glass of white wine for £10. Haha .. But that lady told her to take a hike. But these kids still managed to get alcohol from god knows where. Drunk and stupid!

Anyways, it was indeed a good day out. We didn’t get back home till about 11 ish. The 4 of us stayed awake late even though the next day we had another road trip planned!

** my partner in crime *_*

** me love bubblessss

** yes it was bloody hot!!** we were there from about 11 in the mornin and reached home when the sky was as above

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