Monday, June 15, 2009

Wweeeeeeeeeeee ...

SD: do I look fat in this top?

DD: no you don’t

SD: I think I do

DD (in his head): * why am I stuck with this crazy girl?? *

DD (out loud): no you don’t baby ((:

SD: smiles while thinking “bet he thinks I am crazy? Haha

So last year after havin a minor op, I quit the gym. The doctor actually told me to quit for about 6 months, but it’s been a more than year now and I have not event smelt the gym. Lol. Well, in my defence, I moved to Stevenage and the gym was in Hatfield. It was just too far for me. Eventually after paying for more than 6 months and not using it, I called them up and terminated my membership.

Then I told myself – must at least jog every day until I find the right gym to join. HAH! Yeah rite. I can’t even be bothered to walk to the shops anymore, I bloody drive!! You think I am going to be jogging in the winter?? DOUBT IT. Haiz ... then why won’t I look fat in that top?? and feel unhealthy and fat!

Anyways, to celebrate myself, I got the Wii Fit !! And its bloody brilliant I tell ya !! LOVE IT .. I starts off by measuring you BMI, weight, height and makes you do some test to see your real body age. I am NOT going to say what my Wii age is but I can assure it’s not a pretty sight! Ahaha ..Anyways, leave the past behind and I am going to work real hard for my body to actually fell like my age.

My favourite has to be the yoga and aerobics. Oh oh ..and the hula hoops .. too much fun ( :

I really think WiiFit is a good way to encourage lazy bums to do some exercise.

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