Sunday, June 14, 2009

Poole Quay

So coming back to Bournemouth, well, although I was busy from like 8 in the morning to 11 at night every day, I did have a pleasant time there. Ahhh .. the view from my balcony.. I am still dreaming about it .. So so nice (( :

Anyways, on Thursday about 2ish, everyone in the conference was divided into about 6 groups for their visits. I decided to go to Poole to go see the Waterfront Museum and Scaplen's Court. Poole was nice, you know, the typical seaside town with a lot of tourist walking around. Anyways, the Waterfront museum was like any other museum just abit more about the sea and fishing and trading. The Scaplen’s court on the other hand was very interesting. It’s a mediaeval building that at one point had 8 families living in it. During the civil war, it was occupied by troops as well.
I really like these kinda olden days’ houses. When I was in the house, all I could not stop imagining about the people who actually lived there. Everything I touch, I think about the people who touched and used it generations ago.oh .. it was super old skool and brilliant! Love it..

Oh ..and all around roads by the quay, they have this metal clam thingy on the roads, and it’s for the guided walks around Poole town. Every clam is numbered and has its own history. It was pretty cool to walk around town and know you are surrounded by so much history.

More pics ( ;

** where they cooked for all
** this clock was in the garden
** they even had a study which they let students now to come and get an experience of studying then

** ( :

** the clams
**Fish&Chips everywhere

** Poole Quay

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