Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My condolences to the family

It was a sad sad day today. DoobieBaby’s uncle had passed away. His was Lt General Luka Nyeh Yusuf and was the ex chief of the Nigerian Army. It was leukemia that took him. He left behind a wife, 5 children, other family members, friends and a country which mourns for him.

The thing that made me upset was when I was thinking about his wife and kids. I cannot imagine what she must be going through. She sat in the sofa, not saying a word, just looking into thin air and tearing. The pain .. The sadness .. The anger .. My heart went out to her. She mentioned that they have yet to tell the youngest kid about the father’s death. How do you explain to a 6 year old that she will never be able to see her father again? God, it was too painful for me. Yes death is a part of everyone’s life but if I could have one wish, I would wish no one would leave this world. But that’s not how it works.

I just pray everything gets better with the family.

So many emotions ran through my mind the whole day. I was trying to put myself in the whole situation to explain things to myself. But I really couldn’t. I couldn’t even imagine it. You love and live and then in a blink, it all changes. Just in a blink. Things like this make you rethink about life again and again. I am going to make sure I live a happy and fulfilled life and make a better person of myself so I will be remembered for all the good reasons when I am gone.

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