Monday, June 22, 2009

Life can be complicated .. but ..

... happiness is really simple ..

This is exactly what I keep telling myself these days .. and it works .. I feel much much better than what I used to. I think I have mentioned this before but these past few months, every problem, even a small one has been upsetting me. I get all moody and irritated for no reason. I hated it ..really hated the feeling .. but now, things are changing ..of coz for the better .. I have so many things running around my head but I am taking on one problem at a time .. And learning from it. Well that’s all you can do rite?


Anyways, for father’s day yesterday, the 6 of us went out for lunch to Nando’s in Galleria. It was a treat for my bro in law. A good conversation and extra HOT peri peri is always good for the soul .. (( ;


Oh ... got my first call for aloe today regarding the event .. yess!! Getting there .. Every step taken is a step forward !


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