Saturday, June 6, 2009

6 months left !! Wweeeee !!

Yup , 6 months exactly for OUR wedding!! The closer it gets, the more excited I am ((=

After my driving classes this morning, we went to town to get a few things done. Sent in my COA application. I just pray everything goes well and we get our documents back soon. We then went to look for wedding ring * HUGE SMILE * I was super excited. I had this design in mind, but after looking at all those bling, I am all confused again. There are like a million lovely ones. I particularly liked this platinum rounded band with small diamonds around it. Hhmmm .. It was GORGEOUS! To be honest, I would have got it, but then, I must must not rush before I am 1000% sure. I will be wearing this ring forever and I need it to be perfect – well, at least for me.

I really like the ones with stones. Oh Choices !! Choices !!

I can’t wait till it’s all finalised !! ((=

We then went to buy a steamer. I was tired of using the traditional bamboo steamer. This one was bigger and better. For dinner tonite, I made steamed fish fillets with ginger and spring onions, steamed tiger prawns and mini dumplings with lettuce. White steamed rice and my chosticks. Haha..

6 months left !! Wweeeee !!

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