Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spring Cleaning !!

May started with a perfect long weekend. We got Monday off for . it’s always nice waking up on a beautiful sun filled Saturday morning thinking of all the things to do for the weekend. But before we head off to do it all, we decided it’s time to spring clean. YES ! A long waited cleaning session. We wanted to tackle room by room starting off with our bedroom. This was no ordinary cleaning – this was clearing out old clothes, throwing away old accessories and even reorganizing the undergarments/ books everything, then to the second room, the living room and the rest! Pheeww .. Never thought it would be this tiring, but well worth it.

Anyways, coming back to the old stuff I was throwing away, it made me a little sad. It’s like a new era. Everything I threw had history. I remembered something about it, and now I wont have it anymore. But will I still think of all those stuff? I gave away a dress I had for a long time. I only wore it like 3 times and it’s practically brand new. I threw away one side of an ear ring which was given to me by my best friend. That was the saddest I think. A silver
one with 3 diamonds in it. I also threw away a purple top I bought the first time I arrived in London. I gave away a top DoobieBaby bought me for valentines because it just didn’t suit anymore. ) :

*to give away**Some of my bling ..haha ..

Hhmmm .. This is life .. It moves on even if you don’t like it. But I am sure I will make more happy memories to come.

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