Saturday, May 16, 2009

Scrabull @ Cafe de Paris

Last night was loads of fun. We were off to central London for the Scrabull Debut @ Cafe De Paris. Nathan, the lead used to work in the same place as me and DoobieBaby. So, went to give out support. I have heard Nathan’s songs before and it was not a surprise that they were fantastic. He is definitely talented and I just wonder why people took so long to notice him. Not to forget the band; awesome! I think they are a bunch of really talented people and will definitely make it big! Oh and I really loved the interior of cafĂ© de Paris. Very sexy..** Sexy?
** i donno why, but i really like this blur picture of me.
**Nathan doing his thing

We reached there about 9 and stayed till 3! The first thing we did after coming out of the club was look for food! haha .. and nothing like some greasy chicken and chips! Lol .. straight to KFC but there were like a million people there. Finally we had no choice but to go to McD. Eeeuu .. I don’t know why I got food from there; I didn’t even eat it. By the time we reached home and got to bed it was about 5.30am!** Partners in crime

Work up this morning with a banging head ache. Those were the clubbing days!

Anyways, check out the brilliant Scrabull!

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