Sunday, May 17, 2009

Panic ! 6 months left !!

Oh god ... 6 more months and December will be here .. god! Panic Panic Panic !! There are so many things left to do – I mean, a lot of it has been planned but every time I think of it, I panic. I bought a card magazine today to look for ideas. I wana create my very own wedding card. I did see a few interesting things in the magazine which I can use to mix and match. Need to hurry and sort this out as soon as possible.

Weekend come and goes in a blink. I really don’t want to be negative and say tomorrow is going to be a screwed up day at work but I just can feel it. I really want to work for myself, even if I make less money.

Q just went home after chilling out with us. Topics for today was the wedding, extra certs, abit of bitchin, dad, birthday parties and others. It was good – I cooked some chow mein, DoobieBaby did some lime juice with assam and some fresh strawberries. Yum .. it was perfectly sweet! She also brought some pics of her birthday taken by David. Ahh ...finally a pic of me dancing in the circle and breaking em plates!! Hehe ((=

** one for the road .. NiteNite peeps !

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