Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I <3 Wolverine !

I love Wolverine ! Yes I do. I always have and always will ( ;

Ok now that I have said that, X-Men Origins : Wolverine kicked ass. It was bloody brilliant from the start. Sabretooth is his brother!OhMyGod! im getting too excited! I really think every character played a good role in this movie. I love the scene when Deadpool deals with a million bullets in Lagos, Nigeria. And Gambit ...hhhmmmm ... he was gorgeous with that stick! One thing that made me laugh was when Agent Zero screamed like a girl in the helicopter scene. Lol ..

Anyways, coming back to the hero, Wolverine, he was bloody brilliant – as always. Movie starts with him as a kid, killing his dad and running away. His brother follows him and they have each other’s back growing up. Blood relations are broken, love is found and lost, envy, trust, friendship, hate, anger, power ..Young Storm and young Cyclops were there too ... OhMyGod ..I can go on and on! I really think it was an awesome movie and I will definitely watch it again. I am bias I must say. I have always liked x-men since the good ol’ play station days.

Aahhh ... thank god for good movies ((= on our way back home, I asked DoobieBaby if he was a X-Men, what powers would he like to have? I practically named everyone. I wanted to be Mystic coz I could change to anyone I liked, and then I wanted to be Phoenix, as she was the most powerful. I also wanted to be Wolverine Girl coz it was just too cool. But he only wanted one power – to be a telepath and control minds (like Matt Parkman in Heroes). To be honest, I first said I would like to be Sylar – as he can take whatever power he wants. But now, to think of it, I would love to be Peter Petrelli. I love these kinda science fiction drama and movies.

Aahhh ... I am definitely going to dream about it tonight! Haha ..

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