Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happie birthday sis!

Went to Arndale to get some pressies. Half the building had a power cut. I have no idea why a dark and creepy parking lot excited me...

Went over to my sisters last night for dinner. Me and my bro in law decided to prepare Nasi lemak and a cake to celebrate my sister’s birthday which was on the 7th. We managed to keep up the standards of Nasi Lemak Ujang ( the best !! in Selayang ) by making ikan bilis sambal, coconut rice, cucumbers,prawns masak lemak,fried chicken,kangkung belacan and boiled eggs. YUM! It’s been ages since I had it and it all seemed so perfect, just like back home. I of coz made my OhSoFamous banana cake. LoL

Coming back to my sister, well I have a lot of things I can say about her. She is one of the most generous people I have ever met in my life. She is a fun sister, a fantastic wife, a loving mum and a good daughter. I would say she has quite to do with the person I have become. I have learnt many things from her including patience to love to cooking to baking and of coz on how to be a better person too. I enjoy our gossips sessions and our movie session with deserts and chocolates. Thanks for being a great sister!

The cake I made – didn’t put any icing coz we didn’t want it too sweet

She was still chilling out in her PJs while we were taking pictures .. haha ..That’s what I love about her. She keeps it real! At all times!

Happy birthday ((=

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