Saturday, May 30, 2009

Colours of Nigeria

Lovely Saturday morning. I had to wake up early (thank god as I enjoyed the weather) to get to Milton Keynes to meet someone from EuropeTransport in Costa Coffee. I am not going to say anything about the meeting yet but it went well.

Reached back home at about 12.30 and got ready to go for my classes. My driving classes!! AAarrrggghhh !! Can’t believe it have to sit for an exam again. Now I know half of my friends will be thinking “aha thought so!” but this is not the case. I am redoing it because the British law forces me to! Bloody International License!! Aarrgghhhh!! Okok .. Breath in breath out .. WooSaaa

So I need to take my international driving license because the Malaysian one can only be used for a certain amount of time. I really think it’s more difficult the second time around. Maybe because of all the bad habits I have managed to accumulate in the past 12 years..hhmm ..But my instructor is a nice old uncle with a sexy mini. Absolutely love the car.

After that, I headed off to the skip coz DoobieBaby had to find something, which we didn’t manage to get. It kinda made me think”whoa this is different”. It was hot, broken grasses everywhere and too much grease for me. I respect the people who work there. I mean it’s not like a bad thing but I just couldn’t do it. Imagine if it was winter ...hmmm .. too much hard work!

**he was standing under a car and my heart was beating so fast!

Anyways, met up with Q later to go check out some fabric for the Nigerian outfit. OhMyGod !! So many different types it made my head dizzy- just like looking for a saree. We haven’t decided on anything yet but there were a few favourites. Need to decide real soon as Q is going to get it done in Nigeria.

**the more normal day to day ones

6 more months ((=

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