Thursday, May 7, 2009

Blast from the Past !

OhMyGod ... this week has been full of surprises for me. So after a long long time I decided to check out my Friendster account which I kinda ignored since getting the all new Facebook. The first display page is where they list all the new updates, who’s added who and new pics. 1 familiar face instantly got my attention. A guy friend of mine added this guy.

This guy, lets call him M, is from my hometown, 1 year older and used to live near my school. M used to be one of the hottest guys in town. Not to forget rich as well. His older sister went to my same school as well. Anyways, the last time I saw him was in my school canteen day more than 10 years ago. Haha .. My good friend ,R was head over heels for him. I remember the day she saw his sister in school and randomly told me thats her sister in law. At first I was like wtf – then I understood it was love – oh well, at least puppy love ((=

Things just got better for R as he used to come to our school for Rotary/Interact Club events. He used to go to the same library as us as well. Then one fine day, they spoke. It all went well until she found out his true colours. You know, the typical rich&hansome syndrome. He was a total dick, always bragging about himself. He once said, only good looking, tall girls can be his friend. LOL, that instantly ruled me out. He was a player; at least he thought he was...Eeuuu .. Well enough was enough and eventually she told him to take a hike. Too shay! She deserves better anyways ( ;

So today, while I was looking thru his profile, I couldn’t help thinking about school days and life. It’s truly amazing how your past memories come back. And coming back to him, looks like he is the same person we knew 10 years ago. The starting sentence about him (on his page) was: I'm brilliant, seasonally handsome and … bla bla bla (about how good he was with EVRYTHING) *yawn*

Some people just don’t change do they? But he does look happy – so good on him.

The second surprise I got was thru Facebook. I found 2 long lost friends from KL. One guy who always acts like a big bro to me and another whos got a good fashion sense. Both married now!

I miss my friends dearly and am absolutely waiting for December 09. YES! But at least for now, I know I can count on these social networking sites to keep me connected ( : a lot of people say that Facebook is a total waste of time. well not for me, this is the cheapest way for me to keep in touch with everyone. Plus every now and then, I find an old friend. Perfect!

On a random note : the environment at work has been really crap, not only for me but for everyone.

Today is my sister’s birthday. There are so many things I wana say about her just because she is bloody brilliant. I will, after her birthday lunch this Saturday.

**I miss the good ol' skool days ( ;

NiteNite peeps!

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