Friday, April 17, 2009

What’s your wake me up song ?

Every night before I sleep, I check to see if I have set my alarm for the next morning- also to mainly check I have the snooze option turned on for 5 minutes interval and up to 10 times auto power up. Last night, as I was doing my nightly routine, DoobieBaby said to me “I don’t like that ring tone, why can’t u change it to a nicer one to wake up to?” I then explained to him that I too HATE this ring tone. It’s so bloody annoying and the only reason I have it as my alarm is to wake up on time. I despise it so much that I wana wake up just so I can turn it off. Might sounds silly to you but not to me.

Then this morning, the same question was in my face again. What’s your wake up song? Well, I donno what’s it called. It’s not a song – just an annoying tone from my Samsung. It used to be Rihanna’s Please don’t stop the music but now it’s just plain ol’ hardcore yucky tone.

I remember when I was younger, while still in school, my mum used to wake me up every morning. First, she would come to my room and give me a tap and try to wake me. I would do what I normally do – ignore her and go back to sleep. Then she would come up again to my room and try n wake me. eerrr .. Its 6am mum – I think I would rather sleep! Haha ..Then she would start nagging – she would call my name out loud and as every minute passes, the shout would get louder. Finally, she would wake me up in a panic by saying I was about 30 minutes late. This is when I start running all around the house tryin to take my shower, brush my teeth, eat breakfast and put my school shoes on all at the same time - Only to find out she lied!! She lied just to get me out of bed and now I have an extra 15 minutes to spare! What would a normal kid do? Yes, sleep on the couch until the school bus arrives.. haha

I am NOT a morning person! Imagine this – You spend your schooling days waking up early, then you spend your working life waking up early to beat the traffic, after that you spend your marriage life waking up early to send your kids to school, and finally you babysit your grandkids and still wake up early !!! WTF !!

ZZzzzzzzzz ... <3

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