Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Today's Score : CHE 4 - 4 LIV

Planning a wedding is NOT easy! The list just goes on and on. I met up with my sister and the lot on Sunday evening to talk about the wedding. The main intention was to get 1 thing sorted; the wedding invitation. So we told ourselves that we aren’t sleeping till we know exactly what the design will be. I am trying to make, yes you read it right, MAKE my own wedding cards.

The dining table was filled with wedding magazines, a few laptops, colour papers, beads, so many different fabrics, coloured pens and the list goes on and on. It was like the whole family was doing this major project. Everyone had an opinion, everyone had a colour choice, and everyone liked a different design. OhMyGod!! It was crazy. At one point, we were totally talking about something else. My sister was shouting at everyone trying to make us concentrate on one topic! Haha.. It was bloody brilliant.

We sat at that table from about 6 in the evening till 12, did a few prototypes but really didn’t agree on anything. I want to do so many other things but its abit hard to do it here and send it back for the peeps at home. Anyways, soon *fingers crossed* I didn’t feel bad at all for not completing what we set for coz it’s been long since I spent time with my family like this ( plus my bro-in-law just came back from Singapore and Malaysia after 2 weeks of work ); too many things to catch up with. Oh oh I also managed to get my sister to buy the aloe vera drink I am taking now.

On Monday, we went over to Vish’s house in Hatfield as it was Yohan’s 1st birthday! Aww...the cutie is now walking!! I absolutely love it when DoobieBaby carries Yohan. ( ; Yoyo is like shorter than DD’s knee. Aww so cute! Plus I just love to see DD sayang babies. He is a natural ( : Hhmmm Another good day out, as the sun was out; we were eating, talking and laughing, even called my mum. They guys then started playing the Wii and the girls as usual, gossiped *grin*no better way to spend your bank holiday.

Its Lidrean’s birthday today and also Tamil New year. I am at work – totally forgot to bring my calling card to call home. My brain is everywhere!!

If I was at home, my mum would have cooked all kinda vegetarian food, gone to the temple, also did a prayer at home, my extended aunts and uncles would have came to our house for dinner.
If I was in Singapore, we would have gone to Lid’s school with a cake and some goodies and celebrated it with the kids. Then we would have gone to the temple and probably to Serangoon to have some good Indian food.

But I’m stuck in the office, dreaming of my family and wishing I was back there (just like last year)!! I’m happy though, happy that soon enough, 2 big families will become one ( ; the more the merrier !

By the way, the title is really random. Was watching the game while writing this.

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