Sunday, April 5, 2009

OhMyGod, I'm Actually Getting Married ( ;

Well truthfully, the wedding prep started like 1 week after I got engaged! Haha .. It was exactly 1 year ago (05/04/08) he proposed while we were holidaying in Malaysia. It was perfect. Really wish I was in Malaysia now. Actually Malaysian time now, last year, my bro was picking me and my fiancé up from Hillpark for our Sunday morning breakfast. Uncle Soma was there too. ( :

Planning a wedding from abroad is not easy, but thanks to my family and friends, I have managed to do a lot. I have secured the venue, the priests and traditional ceremony arrangement, the food, make up. Now doing last minute confirmation on the wedding favours, bridesmaids outfits, suits and also the theme for the decoration, and there are still like a million other things to do and prepare. I can’t even decide on the cards. Too many nice ones out there. But I want a simple one.

Anyways, today we managed to talk about a few things with his family. I’m really getting excited as time gets closer. Last night i dreamt about the day. Everyone was there. I can’t wait!

*the day he proposed*

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