Sunday, April 12, 2009

Need more Sleep!

It was Zoey’s birthday on Tuesday and we all decided to go out last night. It was about 6 of us there and it was bloody brilliant. I never had this much fun in a long time. We met up at Hollywood Bowl in Stevenage and made our way to Envy and Liquid.

The night was really good. I was either laughing or dancing! Haha, it was pure jokes man. But we had to leave early though coz the next morning about 9.30am ( today ) we had to go to the temple for a prayer. It was baby Yohan’s birthday. As you probably already guessed, I did not go for that prayer .. Am still here, now , in bed. Feeling totally sick.

Feeling sick? No wait! I was actually sick last night ok. Is my days partying like a rock star over? lol. I feel so crappy right now. Yuck. Going to have some Jasmine tea and go to sleep again now. Ta.

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