Saturday, April 18, 2009

My first Nigerian Wedding

I woke up at 5am today to get ready for my first Nigerian wedding in Barrow, somewhere near Lancaster. This is my second time wearing the Nigerian traditional suit but what was new was, this time I wore the full head gear as well. It was bloody brilliant! It took ages to get it right but once I tied it properly, I didn’t come out for a few hours. Love it. Kyumah was there as well – helping me all the way to blend in.

I learnt so many things today, the culture, the music, the dancing and the people. It was somewhat like an Indian wedding – like about a few hundred people, all wearing so many different coloured outfits with tons of food for all. The groom’s side ladies all wore purple head gear and the bride’s side wore blue. This is to differentiate who is from which family. The decoration in the hall was also coordinated with these 2 colours. The wedding ceremony was held in a church – after that everyone went to this hall for the reception. The couple walked in while they were playing a Nigerian song, dancing all the way to their seats. People were dancing around them and throwing money (as in sticking money) on the couple’s body and head. This is a way of celebrating the newly wed. The whole atmosphere was buzzing with everyone having fun, especially the oldies. I love the way they shake their bum and dance. Haha

Hopefully I can experience the same thing when I go to Nigeria next, as a bride. I have spoken to a few cousins from there and they are all excited for me and DoobieBaby to go visit them. Unfortunately it’s really hard for them to come to Malaysia for the wedding due to visa restrictions. It’s a shame, but what can you do eh?

Anyways, personally, the only downside for me was the food. They had many dishes with beef. Yuck! And the supposedly vegetarian fried rice had beef in it! They even had something with beef stomach. Uugghhh. Totally lost my appetite ) :

I just reached home after a 4 hour drive. So tiring and I didn’t even drive! Pity him.

Nite nite ( ;

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