Thursday, April 2, 2009

Jamie’s Italian *slurp*

I reached Bath in the afternoon today in preparation for tomorrow’s demo. Checked in The Arlington and walked out to get some lunch. Much to my amazement, I still remember Bath quiet clearly as I was here for a day trip 3 years ago. Not bad eh?! And the weather, it was OhSoLovely ! Perfect.

Anyways, coming to the highlight of the day, I had dinner in one of Jamie Oliver’s restaurant called Jamie’s Italian. It was incredible. My starter was mussels with caper, chillies and garlic. It was the special for the day, and trust me when I say IT WAS SPECIAL. So so good. Anyways, my main was chargrilled king prawns, split in half with smashed garlic, mint and served with herb shoots and a garlicky mayo! Oh, we also had some almonds fried in chilli, fennel and something else which I can’t remember. Basically the food was first class and the price was pretty affordable. It was a good deal!

The only thing I wished for was DoobieBaby being there for the meal coz I know he would appreciate good food. Oh another thing about that restaurant is they don’t take bookings, and below is why:

*We want you to visit us when it suits you and as our menu is designed around fresh, quality dishes that are quickly produced; we’ve decided to keep things simple. Rather than taking bookings, we suggest that you just come along and we’ll find you a table as soon as we possibly can. If we’re completely full when you arrive, we’ll look after you until a table becomes free. We also have a lovely bar, a fantastic wine list and possibly the best olives ever to hit these shores to offer you, either while you wait, or if you just fancy stopping off for a drink*

Want to hear something gross? I saw a lady in the train, take her socks off, rubbed her feet, took of the sole of her shoes, put it back, smelled her hands and licked her hands after. I SWEAR! I don’t think she realized I was looking.. But who cares .how can u play with your smelly feet (I know coz I smelt it!) and then smell your hands and lick it after. * Even the thought of it makes me want to puke* sick!

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