Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I win *_*

I was walking pass a toy shop during lunch and decided to go check it out. Entering the shop immediately brought back so many memories of me being a kid. There were hula-hoops, bubbles, cooking set, wooden horses, marbles and so many more exciting toys. Then I came to the board games section, ahh my favourite! Hidden on the left of the shelf was a box of Dominoes. I remembered the times me and my mum used to spend our evenings first with a game of badminton and then a few games of Dominoes. I knew I had to get it. The ones I got weren’t the typical old skool ones. This one had colours ( ;

I also got DoobieBaby a pressie (so I call it). I got him a few Spiderman comics. He has been collecting these comics since he was a kid. He was more thrilled with the comic than my dominoes. But I still managed to squeeze a few games while watching footie! Haha.

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