Monday, April 20, 2009

I officially HATE Mondays

Ahahhahaha ...MU lost to Everton in pens. Ok I’m not supposed to be happy like this out loud coz it’s my baby’s favourite team. But really, no offence to him, I absolutely hate them. I have been hating since I was like 10. I must admit there are a few good players in that team, but overall – I don’t like them. Even the manager chewing his gum all the time irritates the hell outta me!

We met up with Yomi & Zoey in The Cork in Welwyn Garden City to watch the match. After that, we headed to my sister’s to pass them some Aloe stuff. It was supposed to be a 30 minute visit but ended up being a 5 hour visit. Tsk tsk tsk.. We started talkin and one thing lead to another – it was 11 pm and it was bedtime as I had work the next day.

We finally “kinda” finalised the wedding cards and also the menu for both, the Christian and the Indian wedding. I really hope people take the trouble to RSVP and not just turn up coz I am setting tables exactly for the amount of RSVPed family and friends. I mean, I’m not trying to be rude here but I just hope people be considered enough to make my life easier!

The final topic for the day was kids. So I was asked how many kids I wana have in the future? Well, for ages now I have always wanted a pair of twins. But lately I have been thinkin about life, marriage, kids and the whole deal. Having a child is like a lifetime commitment – it’s not something you can give away when you are bored nor something you can just throw away if you don’t want it no more. From the minute you find out your pregnant, you will be extra cautious in everything you do. Then the baby comes out and you will still be worried if what you are doing is right or wrong. Would you ever know that ultimate correct way to bring up a child? I don’t think so. You just got to try your best. My sister was saying that even your kid is 50 years old, she or he is still your KID! – and parents will never stop worrying. NEVER she says. OhMyGod – then why the hell would I want such a responsibility? A responsibility that will be with me till the day I die.

Hmm I guess that’s the circle of life ...

A random pic which was taken in Wales - i love this pic ( ;

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