Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I hate stomach aches!

I didn’t write anything yesterday because I just couldn’t be asked. First of all, I had a bad stomach ache. Secondly, I finally managed to prove that my colleague is a proper sleaze bag! Ugghhh .. It amazes me how people can be so heartless. Not only he has been sneaky towards me but we also found out the stuff he has been doing to other people! What a dog! No wait, I don’t want to disgrace an actual dog. That’s how low I think of him. Thirdly, I was too tired with all the walking around in Barbican looking for a customer’s office. So all I wanted to do is to come home and go to sleep!

Anyways, coming back to today, it was a brilliant start to a sunny Tuesday. Fair enough I still have stomach ache, but I managed to take a day off work (although I did work for a few hours). I relaxed and slept for a long time. I didn’t go out to make use of the sunny day but I do feel refreshed after the rest.hmm, bet you tomorrow after work, I will feel all shit and down again. I mentioned before, work is really hard (not personally) but the environment. So many things happening in the office currently are upsetting many people. I really don’t want to get involved but I can’t help it. Hmmm.

I got a small business proposal. I should make a decision by Friday! Hopefully I make the right decision, whatever that is!

*hhmmm Haribo Eggs are the best* ((=

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