Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I got a pay rise today !!

Yeah I wish .. Now I can only make stupid April fool’s day joke about it .. work was really sucky today. Not only I had like a million things to do before I leave to Bath tomorrow, I had to sit and listen to someone PMSing .. UURRGGHHH !! anyways, I got a few good news via email. Will update later about it! So there are also other big things happening in the office. Someone got called into HR. oOooo

One funny thing happened today – I was packing like a few goodies for the meeting tomorrow ( like company pens, clocks and a few others ) in a box. 2 hours after that, the alarm in one of the clock went off. Damn it! It was packed in a plastic cover, put in a small white box and was in a big box.uugghhh .. So I had to dig out all the watches again to look for it and turned it off. As I sat back on my chair, another one went off.. UUGGGHHHH ... this time I took all of it and checked each and every one of Thank god there were only 15 clocks. Imagine if I had like 200 of em .. *faints*

Conclusion: today was a busy and annoying yet eventful DAY.

i was just thinkin of the time my world was white ... hhmmmm *bliss*

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