Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ginkgo Biloba for me memory??

Me : mornin andy!
Andy : Mooorrnninn ..
Me : Why are u all dressed up?
Andy : err ..the meeting .. *gives me weird looks*
Me : oh ..what meeting ..well I hope it goes well!
Andy : huh? The meeting with I.C.E in Westminster..
Me : huh? My I.C.E??
Andy : err yeah!
Me : huh??? What?? *looks at outlook calendar* .. HOLY CRAP!!!! $$£”^^%&*

So that’s how my day started. I totally forgot about the meeting in Westminster today! It totally slipped my mind. I still can’t believe I forgot I had an appointment! Perhaps I need Ginkgo? LOL .. or is it the age?? ahh .. shutup pliz not old! ((=

Despite being all forgetful and stressed out, I am glad that it’s already Wednesday nite! One more day and the long Easter weekend is here! Yippie !! *skips along happily* I have a few things planned out. Nope not a holiday but all the long awaited errands that needs to get done( ;

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