Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Aloe barbaderis Mill aka Aloe Vera

I have been using the aloe gelee for 1 week now, and last night DoobieBaby said he noticed a difference in my skin. At the very first second of hearing this, I jumped in excitement, but then being me, I asked him again. ”Are you sure baby? Or are you just simply saying it?” Yes yes, that’s me. I have to always triple confirm everything.

Anyways, coming back to Aloe vera itself, I remember when I was younger, my mum used to grow this plant at home to use it as medicine. I used to cut it into half and just scoop up the transparent gelee thingy and eat it, then rub the balance on my face. Vanity you might say, but I think it’s all in the process of turning into a beautiful butterfly *_* you experiment on everything.

I of coz can’t be bothered to grow this plant, so I got this product from Forever Living.

Aloe has many benefits, among it is its ability to heal, from sunburns, to scars, to bad skin conditions and IBS as well (no I don’t have IBS)! The area near my upper lip is really dry. I previously used Veet hair removal cream (hmm being Indian has its down side too haha) and my skin was burnt. I did try a few other creams and nothing worked. But this cream does. In 7 days, I have seen my dry skin clear up and 2 scars clear up. I am really thrilled with this product and can’t wait to share it with everyone else.

Check it out

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