Saturday, March 28, 2009

Undefeated UNO Champion ( ;

I was ready to take part in Vote Earth day! Even DoobieBaby sacrificed his play station time and was up for it. I ordered some take away, took out the Uno cards and got my candles ready.

It was just brilliant. Me and him just sat in the candle light listening to some music (from his phone), playing Uno and occasionally nibbling on some jalapeƱo cheese bites. It was just so peaceful to have some quiet time where you spend quality time getting to know each other better. Oh not to forget am the ultimate UNO champion! Haha ..

One of the first songs we listened to was Day Dreams by Lupe Fiasco. It was just perfect!

I fell asleep beneath the flowers
For a couple of hours

On a be
autiful day *

What a wonderful way to spend your Saturday while doing your part for Mother N
ature! we did an extra hour ( ; I think we will be doing this more often now.

My victory!
Lighting the candles

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