Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nutrition made easy

Today was an interesting day. I was introduced to a product called Reliv. Well, it’s not any ordinary product but it’s actually a supplement. They say its nutrition made easy! Well I do feel really tired with my routine nowadays – it’s gotten worst now! Imagine snoozing your phone like 5 times before you wake up to go to work.. haha ..that’s me ((=

I met this couple who have been taking these supplements for the past 6 weeks now and it’s changed their life so much. They seem healthier, more alert and their skin condition has improved to. Being the sceptical me, I did check what is actually in these products – and the results were brilliant. No artificial preservative uses Soy, filled with antioxidents, vegetarian and even Halal! http://www.reliv.com/UK/EN/Nutrition.html But think about it, if it’s in a shop, you buy it, but you get scared when someone tells you to buy it. Why not try when you have proof right in front of you?

I am not gonna go on and on about this product until I try this product. If I see a difference, then I will get one for my mum as well. Hopefully it works! And if it does work, I will share it with everyone I know.

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