Sunday, March 22, 2009

Long Birthday Weekend!

My birthday surprise was bloody awesome!! so i woke up on Thursday morning to a beautiful day .. it was sunny in March ..Gods blessing!! .. anyways .. i still didn’t know what my surprise was. So i got ready, packed my stuff and off we went. Boarded the train and only half way there i found out that we were going to Brighton.. WoopWoopWoop .. i was so excited .. 3 days 2 nights in sunny seaside Brighton..
We checked in into the Marina hotel and guess what?? i had a four posted bed ..yes! it was a part of my surprise. DoobieBaby always new knew i had a thing for beds like that. ( ; we freshened up and went for lunch in one of the best seafood restaurants called Riddle&Finns. oh was so good ..its been long since i had fresh seafood.

This was a long awaited break – since my last holiday to Holland in December..haha ..i can say it again and again was so good! For the next 3 days me and my better half did so many things...We walked on the pier hand in hand, sat by the seaside and chit-chatted, took some fun rides, played crazy frog golf ( which i won by the way ..haha ), went to the SeaWorld, had our meals in gorgeous places, visited the Royal Pavilion ( which was a fantastic palace ),went for a Ghost walk where i actually had a drink in pub where Jack the Ripper used to hang out bizarre right?? We also went to another nearby town called Lewes and ended up hiking our way through the town ( god i felt so unfit ), on Saturday,before we headed home, we had lunch in this place called Karma .. i think its a must go if you are in Brighton. It was situated on the Marina. We sat outside in the veranda facing the sea and the yachts, had our lunch while we did some people- watching..oh god ... how i wish i was there now ..
Later on Thursday ,we went to Yates for a few drinks to start of the night..then we went to this club called Pu Na Na ..yes i said it .. PUNANA .. and the theme was 80s ..i danced so much that i had blisters on my feet the next day..but it was ALL GOOD.
Oh my god so excited that i cant even follow the order of what happend – im just blurping out everything as it comes to my mind ..((= Anyways,we reached back to London about 5 in the evening on Saturday and went straight to my sister’s for dinner. They prepared a selection of yummylicious Malaysian delicacies and a cute pink birthday cake ..haha .. Meena,Vish and baby yohan was there too. We had so much fun catching up and also talking about the upcoming wedding! And today, DoobieBaby’s family are taking me out for dinner .. isn’t it Lovely Jubbly .. i love it ..
So basically i had a good long birthday weekend! It is my last birthday in my 20s and also single ..haha .. but im not worried ..i think im am aging gracefully .. No regrets ..not big ones anyways ..i have made alot of mistakes, but then who hasn’t right? Whats a blog without pictures rite??!!

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