Sunday, March 29, 2009

Desert anyone?

Banoffie Pie

For the base: 175g ginger biscuits, 65g butter, 9 inches fluted flan tin

The middle: 100g butter, 100g light muscovado sugar, 2 x 400g can of condensed milk

For the topping: 300ml double cream, 1 large banana, lemon juice and chocolate for grating on top.

For the base, break the biscuits really fine, add melted 65g butter. Mix well and press it on the base of the flan tin to make it firm. Place a layer of banana on this base.

The filling (middle) – Gently heat butter and sugar till melted; add 2 tins of condensed milk. Stir continuously and evenly. Once the mixture has thickened and turns into golden toffee colour (about 5 minutes or so) pour into prepared crumb crust and leave to set.

For the topping – whip double cream until it holds its shape (or if you are lazy, just get a can of whipped cream).spread it evenly over the toffee mixture. Put some slices of banana (soak in the lemon juice to maintain its colour) on top and grate some chocolate on top!

Well to be honest, this desert was too sweet for me. I even used light condensed milk! Oh well, next time I will try and make it less sweet.

*can’t believe the weekend is over ) :

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