Thursday, March 19, 2009

The beginning of a new era !

OOllllaaaaaa ...

So i have finally decided to document my life for 1 year .. hence the name project365. I wanted to write for a long time now, but u know, just never actually did it. Finally, i managed to get my lazy behind up and do it .. so from this march 19th to the next March 19th, i will try and write every day, or at least every other day! ( ;

Its about 12am now and i just turned 29! Oh god .. my last year in my 20s .. i look back n wonder where have all these years gone??? Hmm .. well, for a start, i moved to London, met new people and went places i thought i will never see in this lifetime! thing which i am proud of is i am now a better cook than i was before (so i claim)..ahaha .. time flies man.. too fast sometimes that we tend to forget about the important things in life. I am not sad, im actually happy with the way i have lived my life.

I remember when i was younger , my mum used to celebrate my birthday every year .. yes every year till i was 21 ..can u imagine!! Truthfully, i loved it ..haha ..the fuss they make about me it love it ! Friends and family would come , eat tons of yummy food and play games was good .. i wud not trade it for anything. I miss my family .. now all i want is to see them... Hurry up December .. no wait i wishing my life away again? No gonna live it to the fullest and December will be here before you know it!

I need to get to bed now as doobie baby ( my better half ), has planned a day out for us tomorrow. I kinda suspect something, but I am not gonna spoil it and talk about it now. Lets see tomorrow if what I guessed was correct! I love surprises ((=

My horoscope reads :

Don't be surprised if you find yourself having some difficulties with a few jealous or resentful people today. Others might promise more than they can deliver right now too. Whatever happens though, just keep moving forward and try to leave any fears or worries behind you. Read more

You should find that you’ll be in a rather sociable frame of mind at the moment, and you ought to be able to have quite a bit of fun before the day is through. You’ll probably feel like sharing all your thoughts and feelings with your friends and loved ones today. And you ought to be able to count on plenty of support from your true friends right now.

- hmmm , i should leave my fears and worries behind. i do feel like sharing,hence this blog. and i always know i can count on my true friends and family!

Nite nite peeps!

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